In April 2016, the RMB-denominated Shanghai Gold Benchmark launched by Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) played a complementary role to LBMA and COMEX gold prices, thus significantly enhanced the price discovery mechanism of the global gold market. In October 2019, the listing of NYAuT+N contracts and Shanghai Gold Futures contracts by SGE and CME, the successful outcome of the two exchanges’ cross-market cooperation project, ushered in a new era of the collaboration among international gold markets. The world today is still facing unprecedented financial turbulence, heightened geo-political and economic uncertainties. We are now, more than ever, in need of a collective response to address these challenges. To this end, SGE will host a live virtual cloud session that brings together senior executives in global gold market to provide you valuable insights into how China’s gold market shall continue to open wider and how London, New York and Shanghai, the biggest OTC, Futures and Physical gold trading hubs, can work in a concerted efforts for a brand-new future of the global market.

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