Bund Summit

Today’s world faces a multitude of challenges such as the continued impact of Covid-19, uncertain prospects for global recovery, climate change and geopolitical tensions. More than ever, countries around the world need to stand united to address these critical challenges. Dialogue and cooperation are the only sure path to common understanding and global prosperity. 

Against this backdrop, China Finance 40 Forum (CF40) holds the 3rd Bund Summit in Shanghai on Oct 22-24, 2021. A non-governmental professional conference with global participation, the event will bring together senior policymakers, financial executives, and academic leaders to exchange views on key global issues, build consensus on matters of mutual concern, promote cooperation, and provide support for Shanghai’s development as an international financial center and the building of an open and sustainable world economy.

Major themes to be discussed at this year’s conference will include global economy, green finance, fintech, asset management as well as China’s financial opening.

Founding Members of the Organizing Committee

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