Fintech is essentially a type of financial innovation driven by technologies. Whatever it is called, financial technologies or technological finance, it is a type of financial activities that should follow universal development rules, violations of these rules will be punished by the market


Chairman, Committee for Economic Affairs, National Committee of the CPPCC; Former Vice Chairman, China Banking Regulatory Commission

Currency is essentially a public product that serves all groups in a society. It is important to provide inclusive, easy-to-use, and digital central bank currency for all people, including disadvantaged groups and those in poverty-stricken areas. The historical trend of currency development and changes in demand all require us to work on the supply side, use new technologies to digitize M0, and provide a universal base currency for the development of digital economy.

MU Changchun

Director, Digital Currency Research Institute of PBC

This is the real opportunity for a CBDC it is more than just another way to pay. It could be the evolutionary foundation for new publicly accessible platforms to encourage diverse ecosystems of banks and fintechs, avoiding the winner takes all networks that we have seen emerging in our daily digital lives, and making sure that innovation benefits the many, not just a few. 

Benoît Cœuré

Head, BIS Innovation Hub; Member, BIS Executive Committee

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